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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

Luka, Vovkinson and Ron, thanks guys
Vovkinson, focusing is just like with normal lenses. The focusing is very accurate and well calibrated, marginally slower, but once the subject aligns which is easy to adjust with the long throw, I take the shot. There is more margin for error at MFD, wide open for portraits, trying to catch the near eye with any slight body movement.
Luka, excellent set!!! Favourite is #1 too, and love the graphic composition of #3. Yes, you picked it, finally have the 50 Noctilux f 1.0 IV. Of course, I could not justify the latest 0.95, but having a mint version, I really like the Mandler style rendering of this lens, and at the right price of course
Ron, great set of compositions! Favourite is #1! I really like #2 the colour palatte and lighting. You are right, at f 1.0 on the Noctilux, there is CA, with strong backlighting. This disappears quickly as you stop down. For most applications, at f1.0, there would be no strong back lighting. Normally I would use about f 2.0 - 4 during the day. For portraits, there is a very nice transition at f 1.0, so long as focus is nailed with the very narrow DOF, very similar to the 75 Lux. I only issue I do have is that the MFD is 1.0m, as compared to the 75 Lux which is 0.7m which is somewhat more limiting in getting the right FOV. A lot of the shots for portraits I have seen, are shot at f 4.0 during the day, and have a very different look to the 50 Lux at similar f stops.

Just another shot from yesterday with limited subjects available, under the trees avoiding getting too wet. 50 Nocti @ f/1.0

Apr 28, 2012 at 11:30 PM

  Previous versions of charles.K's message #10587867 « Leica M/X/T/S/Q Picture Thread »