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Re: 5D mark III "Stock Delayed"

DmitriM wrote:
The red confirmation DOES NOT light up unless the focus is achieved so at night/evening/you can\'t see where you are focusing unless you press an additional button at the back to illuminate the screen and find the focusing point. Even when it\'s not too dark,but you focus on the black spot, you won\'t see the AF point as it\'s also dark.

That\'s not acceptable for a wide range of photographers who don\'t have time to be pressing extra buttons to focus.

You have to push the shutter button to get the exposure and you compose your image. At the same time (depending on how you setup the camera), you get the AF point lit up and you are free to recompose or change the AF point depending on your need with a lit AF point. If your target is too dark and there is not enough contrast, then the AF will have a tough time. But why do you want to focus on that target anyway. You are an accomplished photographer and I saw your pictures. I respect you opinion if you think that it is an extra step but I don\'t see it that way and still don\'t quite understand your issue. You have to push a button to get the AF and to get the exposure value right.

DmitriM wrote:
Both cameras experience the same issue.

Is that valid also for point 3 of your previous post or is that pretty much only for the first 2 points? You are not quite clear in stating that.

DmitriM wrote:
#1 and 2 are like going back in time with the technology. They released a focusing system that is far inferior to all the DSLRs they\'ve produced until now.

That is for sure not true. I inclined to say that it is the best AF system short of the 1D series or 1D IV to be exact. If you say that the display of the AF system is not quite there, I will have and show more understanding.

Apr 13, 2012 at 05:17 PM

  Previous versions of AGeoJO's message #10539605 « 5D mark III "Stock Delayed" »