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Re: 5D mark III "Stock Delayed"

First, this is not inside knowledge, I don't know anything from Canon. Nothing. But here goes:

I just got 3 new 5D IIIs this morning. Compared to the 90 some odd previous ones, the new ones all have a much thicker, stiffer plastic cover on the TOP (not main) LCD with a slightly larger black border. On all of the previous cameras the top LCD cover was thin enough that if you pressed on it firmly it would touch the LCD (apparent because the LCD under your finger would turn black for a second). The new cover is much stiffer and you can't press hard enough to touch the LCD screen.

I can't say this is the change that's being made, but these recent camera came direct from Canon so it's certainly possible. And it's also possible that this simply means Canon used up all of their first supply of top LCD covers and the second is just slightly different for no real reason.

Apr 13, 2012 at 05:04 PM

  Previous versions of RCicala's message #10539563 « 5D mark III "Stock Delayed" »