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Re: Canon G11 or Canon G12?

I am a great fan of the G10; I tested the G11 and G12 when they arrived on the scene...and stayed with the G10.

Whether it is good for you will depend on what you want. Above ISO200 noise will be a factor....but I shoot up to 1600 with no problem......the reason being I shoot raw only, convert in LR3 (the raw converter makes a big difference), and convert to B+W...my main interest. That will give an excellent A3 print which looks as if it came from a fine grain B+W film...which is what I want.

The camera will give a good A3 colour print up to A3 at ISO200...and if the image is downsized to A4.....about ISO 400 is fine....some people would be happy at 800 probably. It is worth remembering that the Canon (with a separate attachment) can take conventional filters including the Cokin type holders...useful for landscape work.

Within those parameters ii is a very decent camera.....solid, fits in a jacket pocket, reasonable zoom range with an effective IS built in....and as mentioned above...shoots raw files. And of course relatively cheap now S/H...

Feb 05, 2012 at 05:40 PM

  Previous versions of anthonygh's message #10312254 « Canon G11 or Canon G12? »