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Which one?

Jeff Nolten wrote:
AaronNegro wrote:
2-Buy a small mirrorless camera (m4/3s looks good for birding and wildlife, but the NEX 7 looks good too)

I don\'t understand your logic on this one. Is there a m4/3s equivalent to the 100-400 lens?

Looking at your profile, you are geared for FF and you are not very much into telephoto. (I also don\'t understand your Canon 85 f1.8 macro USM lens.) Therefore it seems to me you\'d get more mileage from a 5D2 (or X). Unless you are just tired of changing lenses in which case perhaps the G1X after its reviewed.

I want to know what your choice would be! No matter mine.

Well, if you look at my profile, you\'ll see I am resplendent with DSLR bodies and lenses. The G1X looks to be a solid upgrade from my G10 and I use my G a lot when I\'m tired of changing lenses.

Thank you for pointing that about the 85, I probably updated by deleting a previous lens and missed that bit.

I somehow have two needs, small camera an main camera replacement, that\'s why my choices are so bipolar.

About the 100-400...yes, there is a kinda equivalent. The Panasonic 100-300.


Not in the same league as the L but size seems very good and in the 4/3s crop becomes a 200-600mm

Feb 01, 2012 at 10:48 PM

  Previous versions of AaronNegro's message #10301702 « Which one? »