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Which one?

I got a few options I want you to help me with. As I already got the 5D (with some 80K clicks) I was wondering what would be the best choice for me.

1-Just replace it with the 5DII or the 5DX/III
2-Buy a small mirrorless camera (m4/3s looks good for birding and wildlife, but the NEX 7 looks good too)
3-Canon G1X
4-Canon 550D

My picture style: Portraits, street photography and some Flower macro stuff. No sports but I would like to do some birding in future.

My budget is limited to 1000 euros and trading my 5D if necessary for the 5DII/III (more effort with the 5DX)

In the next post I will upload a picture with the camera choice and their size comparison.

I want to know what your choice would be! No matter mine

Feb 01, 2012 at 09:44 PM

  Previous versions of AaronNegro's message #10301527 « Which one? »