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Re: What to sell and what to keep?

My .02 ... You looked long and hard to find those pieces of glass that are \'special\' and in the condition that yours are in (known). Photography is (for most of us in this camp) a lifelong endeavor.

If you sell them, and they are special enough to ever want again, then you\'ll have to go through the \"long and hard\" (and more expensive) search process in the future and (unkown) finding them in the condition that yours are in is no guarantee.

I too wrestle with which to sell, but I look at BOTH current use and replaceability as part of the decision making. Finding a ZE 21 seems easier than finding a good Oly 18, even though it cost much more. Of course, if you don\'t like the Oly 18 and never shoot it ... Alexandre might like to hear from you.

But, given that $$$ isn\'t a primary factor, I\'d sit back and re-think the \"need\" to sell them just because you aren\'t currently using them from an \"active\" standpoint. These are pieces you\'ve assembled as part of your pallette/toolbox. I could easily make the same argument for any of my woodworking or mechanical \"specialty tools\". I may not use them on a daily basis, but when I want them to be there, I WANT THEM TO BE THERE ... and classic tools will be as good in twenty years as they were yesterday ... and I don\'t see Minolta making too many 58/1.2\'s for EOS anytime soon or Oly putting out any more rectilinear FF 18\'s that are very well distortion corrected (i.e. they\'ll only become more rare).

That being said, you could sell the ZE 21 (blasphemy, I know) and pick up something in the 24-28 range. Your\'re 21 & 18 are pretty close together for someone who doesn\'t shoot that wide. Something in the 24-28 range might be more useful to you and retain the Oly 18 around for when you want/need that UWA or dramatic effect. The 25/2, 24L TS-E II might be something to consider or the C/Y 28/2.8 for peanuts by comparison.

Jan 20, 2012 at 03:05 PM

  Previous versions of RustyBug's message #10264365 « What to sell and what to keep? »