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Re: 16-35 what UV/Clear filter?

I use a Hoya 82mm Super HMC Pro 1 filter (thin style with front threads) on my 16-35L II. The only time it goes without is on a tripod in calm surroundings (not being carted through brush or forest) or being used in predictable conditions off-tripod (then I use the lens hood).

Most times I use the filter and use my off-hand for sunshade when pointing into the sun areas.

Most recently, I used the lens with filter on a construction site, the assignment to cover installing a fiberglass/resin liner in a 48" storm drain, using winch and other devices. The filter kept the lens clean and I didn't worry about wiping off dust from the filter -- I would not have wanted to wipe dust off the front lens with my shirt shirt tail.

To those that don't use a filter -- fine with me! But I've never had a problem in daylight situations with quality filters.

Perhaps the 16-35 is fully weather sealed, I don't know. But many Canon L lenses need a front filter to complete the seal for best protection.

Jan 15, 2012 at 06:15 AM

  Previous versions of Gunzorro's message #10248747 « 16-35 what UV/Clear filter? »