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Re: 5DMKII, RAW ??s

janmcn wrote:
The files are huge for what I need for family photos (which will at best get blown up to 8x10\'s.) What would be the best way for me to obtain the smaller files to upload to Smugmug, etc. for family members to download \"usable files\" from?

I plan to use RAW only for my travel photos so I can manipulate them more in PP, but not quite sure how to do basically \"snapshot\" photos without going overboard on size…i.e. larger file but at less JPG quality? Smaller file with greater JPG?

There are a bunch of things to think about here. You could set the camera to produce raw = jpg versions of each shot. The jpg images will use your in-camera settings, so you might not have to do much post-processing in most cases. Yet you would still have the high-quality raw versions for those that might benefit from additional work.

Of course, these will likely be very large dimension jpgs! You may still want to use your post-processing software to at least downsize them before uploading.

]quote]AND…is Aperture going to be my best way in the future of doing my RAW conversions? (I do have DPP but that seems to be more problematic with my files systems.)

Aperture is OK, though it is certainly no longer the main player that we once thought it might have become. DPP is also OK, but while some like it quite a bit, most people are not going to prefer it on any basis other than cost - i.e. \"free!\"

I suppose you could simply try the two of those first since you have them. If they get you where you need to go, then they could be fine.

On the other hand, this could be a good time to move to something more powerful, better designed, and more widely used. Unless your post processing needs are pretty sophisticated, Lightroom is pretty much the current state of the art. It is also adept at uploading your processed images to a variety of web destinations.


Dec 30, 2011 at 01:51 AM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #10202370 « 5DMKII, RAW ??s »