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Canon 200 1.8 IF-ED EF L on 5D2

Thanks you guys. Im new to the Canon section of the FM forum, so thanks for going easy on me.

Yes the Camera and lens are used but you would never know it. The 200 1.8 IF-ED ED L lens is especially clean and very photographic.

No plans to do a comparison with Nikkor AF 200 2.0, but I do own the Nikkor 200 2.0 IF-ED AI-S and might do a couple comparison shots with it, just just for fun.

In truth, I really didnt need this lens but when the oppurtunity presented it self. I had to jump on it. It was so clean, and deal was right and Phil a great guy to deal with. I couldnt help myself.

Give something to get somthing. It\'s all good.

I actually used a copy of this lens many, many years ago while shooting the Mac\'s Midget tournament in Calgary. The Canon rep was nicest enough to drop it off for me to try out.
At that time there was only the center AF on the EOS 1 film body so it was not that great( shots of the gloves while shooting vertical hockey cards) But the IQ was insane and it stick in the back of my head I would get one at some point.

I am looking for some Extension tubes and some converters. I also have the very cool 52 polarizer. If it\'s sunny I will using that quite often to be able to use F 1.8 in bright light.

Robert, I dont know what to say to make you get it. Can you just enjoy the photo\'s of the lens/camera even though there taken with a Nikon.

I can tell that you might be surprised that product shots of Canon are done with large format. And I plan to bust out my 4X5 speed graphic when I get a chance get some and do some large format product shots with this combo.

But as it is, I wanted to take some decent artistic shots, before It all marked up from use . And to me, it makes no difernce what camera/lens I using for the product shots.
Tomorrow I will going a street shooting so I will get some more images taken with the 5D2 and 200 1.8 combo. It\'s going to be sweet.

Nikon 45 2.8 ED PC-E with PK tubes SB-29 ring light.

Nikkor 45 2.8 ED PC-E Nikon D3 SB 29 Ring light

Nikkor 35 1.4 AI-S BR-2 reversing ring SB 29 Ring light

Nikkor 105 F 4 AI-S on Nikon D3 SB-29 ring light .

Nikkor 45 2.8 PC-E on Nikn D3 SB-29 ring light


Dec 01, 2011 at 06:33 AM

  Previous versions of NikkorAIS's message #10130138 « Canon EF 200 1.8 Ultrasonic on Canon 5D2 »