Battle of the Fifties

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surf monkey wrote:
Do Contax lenses work on Nikon bodies? If it does, the C/Y 50/1.7 is a no brainer

A number of the do:
I wouldn't call it a total no-brainer though. The operation isn't as straight-forward as with other Leitax mounts that only involve unscrewing 3 or 4 screws and replacing the original mount. With the additional cost of the Leitax mount, you may just as well go for a second hand ZF 50/1.4, IMO.

Sam N
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Thanks for posting this. It confirms how great the Sigma and 50/1.2L are. The color cast with the Voigtlander was surprising.

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Very interesting test which gave me a lot of insight on how Canon 50/1.0L stack up against lenses I already know well. Too bad Oly 50/1.2, Contax N 50/1.4 and Leica R lenses (Summicron and Summiluxes) were not part of the test. That would result in significant rebalancing of the playing field in some of the test categories, i.e. what's considered "great" vs "OK".
The bokeh test should have included background with lots of small contrasting details and specular highlights, otherwise it's hard to make really good judgement.

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