A Rufous collection (38)

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Too many images here to add to the current Hummingbird thread. For those who have the time to view them all, I hope you will see a few that are different from the "usual" hummer shots.

If I can't be better, I try to be different.

This hodgepodge is in no particular order.






































#38 - Congratulations on your stamina if you made it all the way to the end.

Ed Robertson
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Amazing work Tony I think all of them are great well done sir . Ed So there you go.

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Fantastic shots Tony.

Mark Edell
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Wow, that is one heck of a set! Wonderful work!!

Ted ellis
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First of all GREAT images. 2nd.....You didn't post enough images. Lastly, I can't remember the last time you posted any comments on my or anyone else's hummers.


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Beautiful job on all Tony!!!!!....... .....

G. McNaughton
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Wow ! These are nothing short of incredible. Some of the best images of Hummingbirds I have ever seen.

Karl Witt
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Well Tony, no longer does Conrad hold the title for most pics in a post

That was delightful Different is good too


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Totally amazing....all of them!!!!!!

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I love, love, love. love them! The one with the 2 birds going to flower is amazing and darn difficult.


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Amazing series....

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Tony I can't pick a favorite!!!!!!!! Well done buddy!!!!!

Mike K

Ross Kennedy
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Fantastic set Tony


tom f
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Tremendous job!

Thanks for sharing,

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An A++ set on a beautiful hummer species. Thanks for sharing these. Been on the lookout for this particular hummer but only spot them when no camera in hand

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Gee, Tony, these are fantastic, I don't frequent FM a lot anymore, but when I do come for a visit your photography still inspires me and makes me smile. Vern

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Wheeeewwww. Such a grand set Tony. I am sure anyone would love to have taken just one of these beauties!

#7 for me.


Desert Drake
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One word only, Tony, "Magnificent!"

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WOW, WOW, WOW!! Absolutely incredible.

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