ZE/ZF/ZM Images (Official Thread!)

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bruni - Nice shot! 2/35 is a superb lens. Also great is its smaller size and weight compare to its 1.4 sibling.

Bob - you are on a roll ! No parking shot with 35 1.4 and the abandoned bike with 15 2.8 are my favs. Oh, and the escalator shot.

1.4/35 WO continuum

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Does anybody else (than myself) play the "brand colour game"? I use to browse, once in a while, through the last dozen of pages and try to guess whether the pics are made with Canon or Nikon, without looking at the poster and additional infos. A (longer) while ago Canon were about 80-90% of all shots here, meanwhile it is down to maybe 60:40 or almost half half.

Anyway, I have a success rate of roughly 90%. Sometimes I rate a Nikon for Canon, almost never the other way round.
Also the latest models of both (d800 and 5dIII) have a different colour from the older models (d700 and 5dII).
The colour palette I seem to like most is the one of the 5d II. I don't tend to like the Nikons, specially the d700. I switched from 5dII to d700 *and back* twice. d700 being the much better camera, but Nikon colour remaining a frustration for me. On both I use mainly my Zeiss ZF lenses (with adapter on the Canon). I never understand when people say this is a non- issue because once mastering the workflow you can make any camera look the way you like. At least most people can't do it then because Canon tends to look Canon, Nikon like Nikon.

The best color I have seen in this thread BTW was with Fujis EX-1 or whatever it is called, probably Zeiss adapted. Fuji masters colour better than anybody else.


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One from today with the 5D-II and 35 f/2 shot at f/2.

This one gives a hint of 3D on my computer. I wonder if it will survive the internet posting process.

- Keith -

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Akul, I keep coming back to your noise maker shot. It has a very dreamy quality that is perfect for the party atmosphere of New Years.

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Luka, I love that shot of the table with the books!

Picture This!
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Marina, Chennai, India
D800e + ZF 21

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Picture this, I really like it! The wideangle perspective works well.

Handheld 2-shot stitch with the 50MP:

Light on a giant, part II by Jochen-B, on Flickr

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Picture This! wrote:
Marina, Chennai, India
D800e + ZF 21

I want to go back to india,when i see pictures like this. Very nice!

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Happy new year!

Makro Planar 100/2 ZE

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Grenache - superb beach series.
Bob - wonderful interiors.
Hauxon - beautiful shot.
Darwin - a touch of 3D for me too.
Picture This - that reminds me of Africa. Nice shot.

Off to NZ in 6 weeks so instead of 99% birds I'll be putting the 35 and 21 to good use (for close ups of the Kiwi ) !

Here's wishing a wonderful 2013 to all here !

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rji2goleez wrote:
I was contacted about my thoughts on the Zeiss 15/2.8 Distagon. I love this lens so I thought I would post a few more examples.

Very nice.

I am looking for a soft lens pouch for this lens. Do you (or someone else) has a suggestion?

It would be nice if Zeiss came with pouches for its lenses.

Jim Servies
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Diploneis wrote:
Great images everybody!

So I decided to get VSCO film presets and here is first set processed (50P & 5dMKII):


This series is absolutely outstanding Marty! Are you processing in LR with custom presets? I really like the tone in all of them. Feel free to share a few with a friend... Happy New Year!

EDIT: Just read your description about the presets. I'm getting old.

EDIT 2: So which one version / set did you purchase?

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dawn pics with the 100 MP

but I'm really struggling to focus it

dawn in the Cross by benmorgan28, on Flickr

couldn't sleep - played with the 100 MP by benmorgan28, on Flickr

thursday by benmorgan28, on Flickr

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21/2.8 Venice

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Love those shots of venice, such a beautiful city I'll definitely visit in the future.

Here are some shots from last year:


Mellow Sunset by letsgetaway, on Flickr

Stairway To Heaven by letsgetaway, on Flickr

Waiting for the sunset by letsgetaway, on Flickr

Misty Flow by letsgetaway, on Flickr


Island in the Sun by letsgetaway, on Flickr

At the Cliffs by letsgetaway, on Flickr

Little Miss Sunshine by letsgetaway, on Flickr


Bliss by letsgetaway, on Flickr

The Medics & The Living End Tour by letsgetaway, on Flickr

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Some terrific images are on last few pages!

ZE 100MP

Ronny Olsson
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Wow.. Really gret shot nibutto rirakuma prosep
prosep #1 love it :-)

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Superb butterfly shots Prosep.

Nicola - excellent Venice bridge shot (tragic that a place like that has graffiti all over it).

Rirkuma - love those 2 x 50/2 shots !

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Great photos on this page guys.
nibutto, #2 is fantastic. Great composition.
rirakuma, the lighting and tones on the last one are awesome.
prosep, #3 is great. The texture on the petals is wonderful.

A couple black and white photos from Sydney, ZF.2 35/1.4 on D600.

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Great series on this page! This thread is still rocking.
nibutto #1 is a great view
rirakuma, love the smooth water shots and the first concert image
prosep, #1 is pretty
uscmatt99, #1 works really well as a black and white

My recent trip to San Francisco ZF.2 35/1.4 and 100/2 on D800

DSC_3956 by smridevan, on Flickr

DSC_3969 by smridevan, on Flickr

DSC_3958 by smridevan, on Flickr

DSC_3971 edit 2 copy by smridevan, on Flickr

I think the images could be improved with a brighter sky…

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