Motocross opening round Glen Helen

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Shot with my new MarkIII and 200 mm F2 (most shots, some 70-200)
I didnt go through all of them but I sorted through some of the top guys and ones I liked..Link to the galleries is on the bottom.

Mike Alessi

Andrew Short

Tommy Searle


Pourcel and Dungey

Link to one of the galleries.

Tony Brown
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dude why not just post the image

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I changed just for you ..The links were difficult

Dan Barnes
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Wow, I love them! Those deep berm shots are incredible. I remember growing up as a kid and the United States finally winning the Motocross De Nations and Trophy De Nations after the Europeans dominated for so many years. Your composure, exposure and captures are awe inspiring! Congratulations on a great day of shooting.

I grew up in the east county with Ricky Johnson, Brock Glover, Scott Burnsworth, Ron Lachine, Marty Smith etc. I still see Marty on a regular basis here in town. When my days off change I'm going to try shooting our local track.

Great job Factoryphoto.


Tony Brown
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aahhh thank you.

great stuff, wish there was a race near me.

Matt OHarver
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I like them, but really wish you had went with a little less shutter speed, I like to see a bit of movement in the bikes and blur in the rooster tails.


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Good stuff!

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Thanks guys..Matt ya when its head on shot I usually have fast shutter..Side pan shots I slow it down under 200 or so..The way the bright sun was I just looked for the "not so harsh" light. I got some pan motion blur shots in the gallery I think..I have so many more photos just dont feel like touching them now..Memorial day weekend is usually a tough weekend for me being in the Marines so long.

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Looks like you made the right call keeping the 200! Congrats these look great.

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You killed it, Hoss!

Mike Subocz
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Hoss as always....good stuff!

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They are all great, but in my opinion #6 (the one of Villipoto coming out of the corner) is awesome! You can just tell in that picture he is on the gas, just clutching it out of the corner perfectly! Great job!

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Very cool shots, all are great. I liked the website, some familiar tracks that I have ridden before.
How was the one day format? Not sure if I like that. Morning practice and evening racing offers good lighting but in between?
I will be at Hangtown this Saturday. No Bubba has to be bad for the sport, but maybe the racing will be better.

dj dunzie
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I think the Alessi shot is the standout in this great set.

(Not to be confused with all the great Paul Alesse shots we get to see around here... )

Nice series... well done.

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Nice set. Any news on Langston? Is Bubba going to run some MX this season? It's nice to see Alessi back after what happened to him last season at Red Bud.

Harry Hoffman
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Nice pics!

I live in San Carlos and just started doing the Supermoto stuff around here.

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very nice stuff

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i was so bummed i forgot to go!

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Nice set, #1 is by far my favorite. Cool angle and nice action.

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Brilliant shots!


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