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Evan Baines wrote:

If you've never been forced to shoot f/1.4 ISO 3200 1/50th before without a flash, then the wedding day is not a good first time to learn.

this forum would CHOOSE to shoot a wedding this weekend on Digital Rebels or D40x's, but its totally doable if you know what you're doing.

Congratulations! Now you can start paying taxes!

Good point on the lenses in ceremony not permiting flash, but a low noise body that can consistently handle iso 1600 - 6400 is also as important as the lenses .

you also may need a second shooter and pay them to do a really good job - to be in two places at one time

considering all of this work and expenses--$2000 for full day coverage -- is less than local plumbers/hr...the difference is you are doing creative work, one needs to charge what creative work is worth-- you have depreciation on your gear -- a starving artist is not a good idea

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Excellent, thanks!!

Robert Butts
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I marvel over people like yourself who give generously; thank you for all the valuable information as I trying to figure out if wedding photography is for me.

Would you be available for a phone call; will provide my contact information?


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57suzi wrote:
paulhodson wrote:
If you have no idea what I'm talking about with regards to these f-stops, then you may be best off reconsidering your plan to shoot this wedding.

Love this bit

I agree, Paul, this was my favorite part.


Also, for -turning friends and family down-, I agree... We have a common saying in Arabic ( go far away and return back safely ), I hope you got the meaning

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This is going to help a lot of people including myself. Thank you for the excellent post

Evan Baines
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Thank you everyone! New question and answer added!

Brian Mullins
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Evan - just a thought... would you be willing to write up something on copyrights? Why it's so important to understand, what actually is it, local laws (at least in CA and the US), etc?

Evan Baines
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That's a good thought Brian. I'll look into doing something when I have a minute!

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Evan Baines
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Question 8 added!

Matt B.
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Thanks Evan.

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I thought this post couldn't get any better. But it did. Great additions.

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yes yes yes!

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Wow.. Geez... Umm.. Err.. i feel dumb for posting a "how do you know you're ready...." after having read this...

This is the single source for any and all things intro..


Well done.. Thanks Evan.

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I've actually just arrived in California a few months back and I'm trying to look for professional wedding photographers whom I can assist and be a second photographer for. I've some prior experience working as a wedding photographer back in Singapore and am currently based in USA for about a year and would like to gain some experience here as a wedding photographer. This thread is indeed extremely useful in getting me started and I would appreciate if anyone of you can point me to the right direction. Thanks!

Matt Khoury
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add something else...

"CC" = Constructive Criticism
"C&C" = What's up with the "&"?

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comments and critiques is what that stands for.

Evan Baines
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Section on shooting modes added

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Evan this was a great read!! I'd like to thank you for writing this information. Helps a lot for the wedding noobz like me (I shoot sports)!

Thanks again!

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