NHL - Buffalo Sabres vs. Los Angeles - Dec. 19th, 2008

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I shot my first NHL game recently. A special thanks to the Sabres photographers for the warm hospitality.

This was the first time, I was able to shoot through a photo hole, and what a huge difference it makes. Also, it's the really first time, I was able to shoot my D300 at 8 fps. I usually never shoot in burst because of my strobes. It was fun.

Buffalo won the game 5-0.

it was a rough drive because of the snow storm, but all-in-all a lot of fun. The weather made for a very stressful and long day. But I made it to Buffalo and home safe.

All shots, Nikon D300, ISO 1600, 1/500 f/2.8

HSBC Arena, very nice building, very impressive. It was my first time in the building.

#8 Rookie Drew Doughty, during warm up

#35 Jason LaBarbera, with maybe the coolest goalie helmet ever. James Hetfield of Metallica on the side, along with what looks like Gene Simmons of Kiss.

#41 Raitis Ivanans of the Los Angeles Kings, chases #44 Andrej Sekera of the Buffalo Sabres around the net.

#8 Rookie Defenceman and Guelph Storm Alumni Drew Doughty

#11 Anze Kopitar of the Los Angeles Kings, #22 Adam Mair of the Buffalo Sabres

#21 Denis Gauthier of the Los Angeles Kings gives a solid punch to #36 Patrick Paetsch to drop him to the ice. Paetsch curls up into the fetal position to avoid more of a betting. Gauthier sat their for a second for Paetsch to retaliate, but never did. Gauthier shook his head in disbelieve as he was carted off to the penalty box for a 4 minute roughing penalty.

#26 Thomas Vanek of the Buffalo Sabres. Currently in 2nd place in the NHL with 25 goals.

#35 Jason LaBarbera of the Los Angeles Kings

Snow job...

Rookie Right Winger #17 Wayne Simmonds of the Los Angeles Kings tries to get the puck off #34 Chris Butler.

Thanks for looking


dj dunzie
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Wow. And all these from a guy who normally is pampered by strobes... this is fantastic stuff Paul.

My faves are the fisheye shot, #6, #9, and #10, and of course as a guy who sees the Storm from time to time I appreciate the Doughty shots too...

Thanks for sharing Paul. Nice work all around!

Zamboni Dan
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agreed, great stuff here, nice eyes, everything is nice and bright, some good action, white balance looks great. kopitar's face in no. 6 is priceless. the dude needs to step it up for my fantasy team though

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Thanks for the comments.

I was a little worried with my D300, as it was rendering the LA Kings "purple" blue on my screen. So, here I was thinking, I traveled all this way in a snow storm, to have my camera render the wrong colours. Turns out it was just on my LCD. I tried everything possible for the colour management, (way too many options on the Nikon's) but couldn't fix the purple on the screen.

I was thinking that I would have to adjust all the pictures on the computer to get the purple, turns out the files are fine, just the colours on the LCD...

Pampered by strobes? Yes, but shooting ambient was fun, as long as it's through a hole...

For what it's worth, if you nail your white balance, getting the colour you want is the easy part...

Jay Kopinski
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Great shots man. It is a treat eh. It's hard to go back to the CHL as much as I love shooting Juniors the photo hole and great lighting is a treat. Buffalo looks like it has great lighting.

Mark Speight
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Hi Paul,

Fantastic series, love everything about them..

My favorites are #9 & #11.

Getting rid of the strobes now?


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Git rid of my strobes? Not anytime soon. But shooting ambient has a lot of advantages, like shoot anywhere you want.

With my strobes, I am very limited to where I shoot, and of course there is the shadow issues...

However I can't help but think how much more pop these would have with strobes...


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Great shots Paul, seems like it was well worth the drive to Buffalo. I especially like #1, #3 and #4. Colours seem spot on.

Any shots of Dustin Brown or of Dan Paille, 2 other Storm graduates playing that night?


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Nice job.