3 lens travel kit.

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Once I get my Zeiss ZE 35, I will have two sets of three lenses.

Either 5D MkII and ZE 21, ZE 50, C/Y 135

Or 5D MkII and ZE 35, ZE 85, C/Y 180

In either case, the 3 lenses and cam fit my Lowepro Topload

Justin D
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Though I've posted on this thread already, I think my travel kit has changed since then, primarily due to the addition of a GF-1 which kind of acts like a zoom alongside my Canon system.

It would be:

GF-1 + 20mm 1.7
5DII +

Nikon 28 2.8 or Leica 35mm (depending whether I expect to shoot more portraits or landscapes)

Olympus 90mm Macro or Contax 85mm 2.8

+ EOS-M4/3 adapter

In reality, I'll take a couple of other lenses - an Oly 21mm 2.0 and a Voigtlander 180mm - but I won't carry them all with me at any one time. I'm going to Burma and the Middle East for 5 months on my way to live in Berlin this year, and this is the kit I'll take. I have no qualms about leaving a few lenses in a locked bag in a hotel room - I'm pretty careful. Maybe even a Contax G 45 and a Panasonic 14-45 for AF, too.

Jonas B
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New kit here as well;

Panasonic G1 with

Zuiko Digital 9-18mm zoom
Panny G20/1.7
Zuiko OM50/2 Macro
= a total of 1.4 kg

The 5DMkII had to go, now the travel kit weights nothing. All the bits in the same Domke Satchel. The OM50/2 Macro will be replaced with a Voigtländer 75/2.5 and a Voigtländer 50/1.5 where the later will be used at home and the 75mm for traveling, I think. The exact details are always decided just before its time to take off.

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alexandre wrote:
I reckon it's the Sonnar 85/2.8.


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The sonnar I regret selling. It was a sweet lens!

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