Your Best Nikon shots.

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D2Hs + 18-70

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hey keep playing people

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Fun Bride last week...with my 28-70 workhorse.

Rodolfo Paiz
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Happy to play, and grateful for the chance to learn from others better than I. As for my "best" shot, still in my future as I have but recently begun to learn. Still, here are a couple of my favorites.

In the last daylight hour of the last day of Oshkosh 2006 (greatest aviation event on Earth), as I was exhaustedly walking to the bus which would take me to the car which would take me to the plane which would take me home, I caught sight of this gorgeous P-51 Mustang, sitting in a field and looking nostalgically up at the sun through a break in the clouds. I swear it wanted to be up there as badly as I did, hence the title: "Airplanes Have Feelings Too."
D70s, 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G, 1/250s f/13.0 at 38.0mm iso400

Wandering through the streets of Chinatown on a rainy day, looking for images. A small boy stopped cold, staring wide-eyed at the 70-200 lens on my camera. His mother gave permission with a quick wave of her hand, three quick frames and they were gone, hurrying off to somewhere.
D200, 70-200mm f/2.8G VR, 1/160s f/5.6 at 75.0mm iso400

And most recently, I drove six hours each way to stand in the sun for another five hours, in order to see the Red Bull Air Race in Monument Valley. Worth it. So utterly, seriously, amazingly, worth it. One or two shots from that day are among my best-ever so far. This one in particular puts a silly grin on my face every time I see it, or even remember it:
D200, 70-200mm f/2.8G VR + TC-17EII, 1/125s f/5.6 at 340.0mm iso100

Thanks to many of you who've helped me learn more and faster than I would have been able to achieve on my own.

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Here one from this week-end; Skagit Speedways Dirt Cup

Sprint Car at around 105 mph coming into turn one

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D2H + 80-200, 125mm 1/100 f/2.8 iso 1600


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John, next time you want to re-shoot that same scene (either one) ... I volunteer to carry your tripod - k?

This is my fave picture of my older Daughter. Shot with the F100, 85 at 2.8 and tri-x at 320 (if I remember right) Too bad for the cheapo scanner.

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And two from trackside that are more like what I like to grab (besides the babes ... but I hate how they slap ya for grabbing them )

- the second picture is unaltered, shot at an awards ceremony while AMA Racer Matt Lynn was waiting for his trophy, check and new bike - won in his first place finish.
I was lucky to find a white truck perfectly parked behind him and a few seconds with nobody from the crowd in behind him.

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Considering the quality of the shots in this thread I'm almost embarrassed to post any of mine. Truly inspiring.

Two from a recent trip to California.

Exposure Time = 1/60", F Number = F8, Exposure Program = Manual, Focal Length = 16mm, Lens = Tokina 12-24mm f4.0

Model = NIKON D200, Exposure Time = 1/20", F Number = F4, Exposure Program = Aperture priority, ISO = 800, Focal Length = 18mm, Lens = Tokina 12-24mm f4.0

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Great photos folks. Lots of talent on this forum!

John, I love the velvia boat shot.

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Wow, spectacular shots guys and girls! Thanks for everyone contributing. Ok, I've gotten an insatiable apetite for the photos on this thread, so I'm thinking rule change. How about a photo or two EVERY DAY! I'm up for it if you guys are.

I know, its impossible to pick a best shot, so we'll call them some of our favourites!

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Here are two of my recently shot favorites. Both D2H 300 2.8 VR with TC17E-II attached and shot wide open at f/4.8.


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RebeccaVT wrote:
This is a great thread! So many great photos. The first shot of Sydney is spectacular!

Rebecca, thanks for the compliment, but I'm embarrased considering the quality of the photos here, include your great candid portrait. It shows so much spirit and emotion. My friend takes similar photos on her travels and I never tire of seeing them.

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well, I don't know if those are my best shots, but I just like them... (those have been shot two years ago)

D70+18-70+some PP to recover shadows (shot in Damme, Belgium)

D70+80-400 @400mm whale watching in Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada


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Here is the another shot from that day of shooting. I have this and the first Sydney image side by side in a frame, they look pretty good togther I think.

F601, Kodak 100, Sigma 70-210/f3.5-5.6
3 secs at f16 with a star filter (stating the blatantly obvious ).

Nick Klofkorn
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currently my fave. taken with a tokina 12/24 on a d200.

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by far not my best but one of my many favourites......


or ...

There is some AWESOME stuff in this thread!!!!

dj dunzie
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How the heck do you pick your favorite shots? Man, I can't do it. I tend to choose photos I like based on the time it was taken and not the photographic merit, so maybe that's my mistake, but here's a few that I enjoy right now anyway...

"Sunset on Miami" from our Cruise in February. D70s with 18-200VR, shot leaving Miami on the cruise ship...

"Grand Cayman Shore". Again, D70s with 18-200VR, shot on the shoreline of Grand Cayman Island, and again more because of the time I had there than photographic quality...

"Cruising Grand Cayman". D200 with 10.5mm fisheye, which captures some amazing blues and yellows - and this shot floored me with colors...

I know, I'm way over the 2-shot quota, but this one - "Game winner" - is one of my favorites for sure. It isn't by ANY stretch the best hockey photo I've taken, but I love it because it's a high point in my young son's playing career so far and it shows... the game winner from a tournament this past year... D200 with 70-200VR...

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Ok, here are a couple of more

Bridge to Nowhere

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So many favorites and no time to scan, oh well, here are a few that have remained my favorites over the years.


Nikon D200, 35-70mm f2.8 AF-D in the studio.

Nikonos V 35mm lens Ektachrome 100 underwater Cozumel

Nikon F5, 15mm F3.5 AIS Ektachrome 100

Nikon F3 35-200 AIS Techpan Film ISO 10.

Nikon F90x 80-200 F2.8 AF-D Ektachrome 100

Fuji S1 Pro

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