Your Best Nikon shots.

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Nice shot of the Audi there. I got back from Le Mans yesterday and that is a very nice car (one of them came in 1st in the LM P1 group), incredibly quiet car too. I didn't manage to get any great shots though as I was in the stands shooting through a wire fence that the camera wanted to focus on - I would have loved a media pass and a longer lens

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jmcfadden wrote:
Man Gary , the gradient is sweet in that shot from the old "H"

Ok should I break out my shipwreck shot from my F4 and Velvia days


The one shot with a 16mm fish? Do it!!

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hehe , OK Back by popular demand

Bahamas , F4 16mm fish , incident metered for open shadows. Kodak Picture CD scan No post at all


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D70 with 12-24 Tokina

85 f:/1.8

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Not really my favourite shot but I'm posting it cuz I can

Taken with a Nikkormat FT and a Nikkor 20mm f2.8 Ais, Velvia 100F(C41 crossprocessed). Shot in 2004. This was shot during sunset, a few seconds before the last light peeped at the horizon. The false colours were caused by the C41 crossprocessing. No PS manipulation and no cropping as well:

Midtown Madness

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»»»» ®eyGay uses a Nikon D1 ««««

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Only 2?

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Now I know which of you guys to come to for landscape lessons.

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I'll play -
1st - D70 - my first digital camera after years of all Nikon film stuff.
2nd D200

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D200 & 105 f2.8

D Strass
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Wow...some awesome shots posted!

I've only been shooting Nikon for about 6 months now (and loving it btw), so I don't have a lot to choose from, but here's a couple I've worked on recently:

1st- D200 w/ 28mm f3.5 ai

2nd- D200 w/ 80-200 f2.8

James Markus
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I hate trying to judge all my shots into "best" here is the best I got in the last couple weeks. My first Osprey...carrying a fish...came for a look see right over me, about 80-100 feet up.

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Here is one of my best, at least I think so.


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Well here is my first image at this forum.

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This is a great thread! So many great photos. The first shot of Sydney is spectacular!

It's a tough choice, since I've always shot Nikon, but this one ranks among my favorites:

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Here is one of the Upper Antelope Canyon, taken with the Nikon 12-24 mounted on the D-70,
2.5 seconds at f/14

effie imperio

Chris Langer
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Great work everyone as always!

All were taken with my D50! Surprisely I have some neat pictures with my new camera's but most of my "good" shots are with the D50.

An All-Time Classic... "Still in Life"

Some B/W's...

Thanks for looking!

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a little homage to Mr Steele

Sandhill Sunset

D2h , 70-200 AFS + 1.4TC @ 280mm f6.3 1/1250th


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These pictures are liberating, I love making pictures, and feel great after looking at these artful images. Thanks!

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My best is next shot I take.


Sarah Be
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