Ok! Is this a scam???

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Hello to all,
Today I received the following e-mail and I'm not sure if this is legit. Can anyone comment on this.
********************************************e-mail below*******************************************************
name: Dhaval Dhairyawan
comments: Dear Ramsey,

I am a Photojournalist working with 'The Times Journal of Photography'(TJP). TJP is a mid-monthly photography magazine and falls under the joint banner of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Worldwide and the Times of India group, the largest media house in India and publisher of the world's largest English daily – ‘The Times of India’.

Our up-coming issue will celebrate our fourth anniversary wherein we have asked Indian and International photographers to nominate one of their favourite images. I discovered your impressive portfolio of fine art and portrait photographs while browsing images at www.photo.net and have to say that your portfolio stands as an excellent example of the art. I would hence, on behalf of the magazine, like to request your participation in our anniversary issue feature by nominating one of your favourite images. The photograph will be carried with due copyright notice along with a brief write-up (about 100 words or more) on why you chose that particular image and your self portrait. It can be sent via an FTP server or can be emailed as a largish jpeg (email size = or < 1 MB). As our editorial closing falls on December 14th, kindly visit our website www.timesphotojournal.com for more information about TJP. Sincere apologies for the short notice but we keenly look forward to your part!
icipation. After the anniversary issue we would like to profile you in the magazine. Kindly provide us with your address and telephone number so that we can send you a complimentary issue of TJP for your perusal. We will of course also be sending you a complimentary copy once the anniversary issue is out.

Do get back in case of any queries. Eagerly awaiting your reply...

Regards and thanks,



Editorial Department
Mr. Dhaval Dhairyawan
The Times Journal of Photography,
TOI Suburban Press,
Western Express Highway,
Akurli Road,
Kandivli (E),
Mumbai 400101.

Tel: +91-22-28872334/5/28872324 (Extn: 5379)
Fax: +91-22-28872087
URL: www.timesphotojournal.com
submit: send email

***********************************************************end e-mail********************************************

any ideas?


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why scam? they are not asking for your $$$$

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I agree they are not asking for money or at least not yet.So may be legit.If they ever do ask for any amount I'd think it was a scam.Saw they have a real web site.http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

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What makes you think it isn't legit, if it's a fake they sure when to a lot of trouble.

I think it's on the level.

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What do you think they are trying to take from you to make this a scam? If they ask for money or other valuable assets/information then think twice. Otherwise I see nothing wrong with it.

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I can vouch for the Times of India, we do business with them and they and that address is legit.

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Sounds like they are asking for a valuable asset, his images, they certainly have value. They are asking him to upload images to their server without spelling out the terms of usage or any discussion of compensation. I would be quite leery of this. This may certainly be legit, but I would investigate the organization and get more information before sending them any of your images. Also, whoever wrote the copy doesn't know much about digital imaging, they referred to a < 1MB .jpg file as large.


Bruce Hamilton
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Sounds like a piece of your work is about to be published. Congrats!