Sigma 90mm f2.8 Macro

Tom Kelley
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I have an opportunity to buy this lens for $150.00 for my T3i. Has anyone ever had this lens? I realize it's an older model with the usual Sigma slow focus. I'm just getting into macro and can't afford the Canon 100mm yet, so i thought this may be a decent lens to start with. Any thoughts or advise?

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2 points on this- some of the older sigma lenses had to be rechipped to work on more modern canon bodies - not sure if this is one of them but I would want to know if it does work on your body.

The lens only goes to 1:2 max mag instead of the 1:1 of most modern macro lenses.
Brian v.

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I have a manual M42 Sigma 90mm/2.8. Not sure whether these are optical the same. I use it quite often for my DIY documentation, there it performs well.
But still I do not love it very much, and use or critical work a Canon Fd 100/4 or Minolta MD 100/4, or others.