Sacred Secret Bend

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Hideous!?! Nope.

Now, with that said, for some reason, there is somthing amiss with it. Technically it is very good and that is what I have come to expect from you as you have really honed your craft well.

Esotericly, usually I see your love and the sense of discovery in your work. Might be me, but this one is not hitting on all cylinders for me like that. Do you understand what I mean?

Was your headspace 100% when you took this?

Maybe it is just the energy of the place....

As for Nigel, I am with Fred on attitudes should be in check when you show up. We are all friends here and should act accordingly.


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I've never been to this place so I'm not familiar on how the light hits, but I do agree about the magenta cast on the rocks and purple sky is just a little too much. In terms of composition I also agree that a little more foreground ledge would be nice if possible. Not sure if a vertoroma could have made it happen. Also if you didn't mention I would have assumed it was horseshoe bend.

After all that being said I overall like it and thank you for the efforts you make to obtain the shot, which is usually the most challenging, time consuming and sacraficing aspect of landscape photography in my opinion, however the experience, journey and the final product makes it all worthwhile.

Shiva dancing
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I like it!

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I like the shot because:

1. I appreciate the effort it took to get it.

2. The probability is good that no one else has ever taken this view from this location because of the effort it took, therefore making this image a unique one of a kind shot.

3. The wonderful color.

Derek Weston
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Great composition... totally different view of the place. Pretty good... for a hideous shot.

(I wonder if Nigel was having a bit of fun with that comment)

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Beautiful shot and colors. I think rest of y'all are just color wimps.

Mark Metternich
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Mitchell Derr wrote:
Now if I only had a Blend If tutorial I could be posting images like these.

Hi Mitchell. I really am sorry about the delay. It is coming I promise. I am so totally overwhelmed right now with making my post production videos, teaching a class, as well as moving (still in Oregon) that I have barely had my head above water as of the last month or so. I do see a break in the storm coming and that will arrive.

Thanks everyone for their feedback. I did not take the comment offensively. I like the photo and don't feel such a need here to "compete" with others or myself that I cannot post an image that does not stack up to the best of my work. Over time I am really learning to settle down and just have fun. This was probably the funnest thing I have ever done to get a photo, as you might pick up on the video. I don't know why I love to try new things, but maybe for the same reason most of us do this work, a real sense of adventure.

Yes roman, I did feel 100% when taking this. Maybe 150%. I just think that the way reality translates through a lens is very distorted sometimes. Especially with the 14mm. In the video I think you may get a much better feel for the sheer enormity of the area (as I pan around the area including behind me). As an example, those "ledges" people have refered to at the bottom of the frame are not nearby ledges, but are nearly down to the bottom of the 1500 drop! The 14mm really distorts that here.

As far as saturation and magenta cast. My first thoughts are that reds are always problematic for web. I think that if we were all on Dell Ultrasharps (what I am on) with brightness adjusted to 33, everything else at default, calibrated with the Spyder 3 Elite at 2.2 G, 6500 WP and 12 Candelas, and viewing on Safari, maybe some of that would resolve. Otherwise it may also be peoples difference in taste. But the fact is that RED is the worst culprit in my experience. So, I just take all the feedback into consideration and apply it if I see it necessary. There are great eyes on this forum! I always learn form it. My greatest teacher and great mentor (name excluded here) once told me: "Mark, there is always a morsel of truth even in the acid that people may throw in your face at times." I want to be very clear that I do not, in any way, see any comment here as acid in my face, but what I am trying to get at is that I love to learn and take whatever comes my way and GROW FROM IT. This allows me to give a sincere thank you to all the voices and feedback here. Even if someone does not like the photo, I'm perfectly fine with that.

Klaus Priebe
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I only have one word to say... Sweeeeeet!

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I think it's an interesting shot. I agree with others that the color balance isn't appealing. I think a simple color balance layer with -14 cyan and +13 green would make it much more balanced while still retaining that atmosphere.

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I think it's a pretty shot, but I'll dial down the saturation a couple of notches. I believe the color cast is real.

Mark Metternich
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Here is one more neutral and less saturated for those voicing that preference.

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Yup, I like the less saturated version better.

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I do like the less saturated version better, but it still has that beautiful Velvia glow!

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I'd hang it in my living room

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Thanks for taking great effort and sharing your wonderful photos. I like both versions and I understand not everyone like the magenta cast. But I think your first one is a real attention grabber. For me, if that was printed large and put in a gallery that would grab my attention and I'd walk over to take a gander. That's just me and everyone has their own color preferences. If you like the first one, then that's great!


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Hi Mark, I like both versions! I was immediately drawn to your post because I think I captured an arial view of this bend last September and haven't been able to identify it until now. PM me if your interested in seeing from a higher altitude....I think I even see the trail system that you may have used to get out to the point.

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Your commitment was handsomely rewarded Mark, love the shot.

Cheers Ray

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Hey Mark,

I like your new version better, nice editing.

I would suggest though that you add the edited version to your original post so it's easier to see the difference. Also edit your title with (+1) so others know to come back and look again.


Scott Kroeker
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I like both. I really dont care it represents reality or not. For me it is about impact and emotion and this supports that! Well done!

Kenneth Kosler
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Have to agree with Scott, on this one, Mark your work has always been one that I'm excited to show my friends, keep doing what you do so well. As to your photo I really like them both.

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