A Snowy Creek

S Barth
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This is a view of Big Cottonwood Creek in the Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake City. This November snow is just the beginning. The boulders will soon disappear under a thick blanket of snow until the May thaw. Thanks for looking!


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That's the perfect application for B&W, and perfectly executed. A beautiful scene, and you were there at just the right time, before the snow overwhelmed the creek. Love it.


Kenneth Kosler
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Well done, perfect photo for a B&W.

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Great job. Love this scene.

Fred Miranda
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Very interesting image. It is busy but at the same time organized and well composed.
The use of black and white film worked really well.

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Very nice. Very.

Tuan Le
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Steve, you've captured the winter scene here beautifully.

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Magical image!


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Very nice Steve. Perfect B&W.


Heinz H
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Great composition! You captured the winter mood very well!


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Hey Steve,

What a super shot! It's really cool with the rocks capped with snow like they are and yet there is still running water. Very nice.


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Lovely, Steve. What a beautiful winter scene. Well suited for b/w.


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Was at the same place some years back. Gotta say you've got a much better photo. The choice to convert to b/w is brilliant!

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Lovely shot. Hard to believe you set up an 8x10 Deardorf in the middle of that cold stream !

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Nice composition!

gordon l
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Wonderful, brilliant snow. I love it.