Soft light Snowy Owls (4)

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Tim Kuhn
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louie champan wrote:
Terrific set Tim. We're finding them up north on the Skagit right now that is when the fog isn't so thick you can cut it.

Thanks Louie!! I'll have to check the Skagit snowy's.... if the fog every goes away


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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Country: United States

thomas_1950 wrote:
Super set Tim !

Thank you Thomas!!


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
Total Posts: 46255
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Herb Houghton wrote:
Beautiful set Tim

Thanks a ton Herb!


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
Total Posts: 46255
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birdied wrote:
Outstanding set Tim !!!


You are too kind Birdie!!


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Well worth the effort Tim, another great set


B Benson
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Way to get the nice light Tim, it makes these all special. I wasted my trip up there by picking a rainy day. Bruce

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Love these Tim. The light is gorgeous. Well worth the effort .

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Of course all of these are good. But what gets me are the talons of the snowy in that second shot. Wowsers.

And pfffftttt, 4 miles round trip. That's nothing. I walked uphill to AND FROM school when I was a kid.


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Great poses and light! I've chased after couple of Snowy Owls this year but haven't gotten a shot. These are wonderful.
- Bruce

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Fantastic as usual Tim,


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Great shooting, Tim! Lighting and detail are fabulous. Absolutely fantastic. I like #2 for detail and #4 for the pose and overall quality

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Superb set Tim. Your definition of soft is so different than mine...

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I wonder how long it would take me to drive to this spot

Beautiful light for sure at Snowy Central... Totally worth the drive.
2 is extra sweet with the traces of blood on chin and feet, I also really like the perch and focused attention. Awesome pic buddy.
Second favorite is #4 with the lovely side lighting and another cool perch.
Top shelf stuff Tim. Will be waiting for the tonnage to come.


Mile High
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Beautiful images, Tim. I'm planning a visit next week if the weather is nice.

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Love the lighting, especially #4. Can't wait to see more

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Very nice. I would only suggest backing off a bit on the comp as posted, leaving the subject a bit more room to breath in the frame.

Cincy Bruce
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Holy snowies Batman! Tim these are awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Karl Witt
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I must say Tim, you are a man in full harmony with his equipment and able to take it to any level you want. These are a fine rendering of the photographer presenting his style and capturing the feel and mood of light!

Excellent Tim

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SWEET lighting Tim and you captured it well!. Do you think the Snow Owls ever migrate far South to San Jose? That sounds sooo good if they do ...


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Beautiful , wonderful light

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