Isn't she cute?

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here is my favor hawk, still hoping to see her ofsprings coming

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Good luck to her this spring!

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Good to have such a nice subject to get images of on a regular basis.

Lil Judd
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She's adorable,

Looking forward to photos of her & her brood in the Spring.


Jonathan Huynh
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David Leask
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Yep, she's very cute Bob

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Cute indeed Bob ~ Ron

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She is a beauty ! Look forward to more shots .


Tim Kuhn
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Indeed she is. Looking forward to seeing the little ones


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she's lovely Bob

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thank you all friends. She is cute, g0rgeous, a beauty, odorable,lovely....she sure deserves all that attributes. I do hope her offsprings will look as good as she does. Well, the father is another story. I hardly see him. I only saw him once from far away, in one rare occasion, tney were together on one tree. Only thing I know about him is: he is about 2x her size. He always hunts far away from "home."