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Love shot 1 and 2. The framing is nice, and the expressions are effective. While I don't see any technical problems, the expression in #3 puts me off a little bit, but I'm not sure why. It's unsettling, which is a strength to the image as well, depending on what you want out of it, of course. The snow and door do affect me in a similar way to how it affects you on 4 and 5, though I'm honestly not quite sure what I think of the snow covering/on her face quite yet.

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LMMphoto wrote:
Just for kicks, here's another shot from the same day - again with me standing higher than the subject but a bit farther away. This one, to my eye, has it's own problems with the cutting off of various limbs.

It does, but if you crop it differently it isn't such an issue.
like a head-and-shoulders shot.

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Welcome - I won't repeat everything others have said, except this: Love #1, your daughter is just precious! I wouldn't tone down the redness.

Steve Wylie
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Shooting down on someone is rarely a winning strategy. The most common reason to do that is to have the person look up to you, which has the benefit of stretching the neck to slim it a bit. But that's a small downward angle, not a severe one. A more severe downward angle would normally be used only if the composition calls for it, such as a person lying in the grass, or a dancer on the floor. But simply looking down on someone rarely places them in the best position for a photograph. As I said before, it places the forehead closest to the camera, which is rarely the person's most flattering aspect, and it often requires a funky eye position to meet the camera as well. Of course, having the subject look down gives a totally different feel to the photograph, and in those cases, it may very well be a desirable strategy.

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I really love the first one. I like #4 and #5, but that first one just grabs me. Great smile, great color. Thanks for sharing!

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I really like #1 lovely eyes!!!

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I'll remove this if you don't want me to post. This was done in ACR 7.3 in about 5 minutes.
Reduce clarity / vibrance / saturation
increase luminance noise reduction
adjust HSL

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Bernie - it is totally fine to post, and I enjoy seeing your take on it! ACR is a tool I don't utilize nearly enough.