MAY from Brazil

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... 001 ...

... 002 ...

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... 004 ...

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Steady Hand
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I am posting a comment in your post because NO ONE else took the time to thank you for adding photos for us to view. I believe in "The Golden Rule" (treat others as you would like to be treated). It is "good karma" too.

Pretty model always helps a photo.

In this case, I think this model has shown good expressions in all the images, and you captured those well.

good job!


I also noticed three different models posted by you in the forum.

Was this a photo club model shoot?

Or was this photography (of the three models) for some commercial purpose (swimsuit company, etc.? )?

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I like #1, and 3! Thanks for posting!

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Great photos! Like the 001 & 006 the most

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#4 is the winner here for me. But her eyes seem to be a little off center (to her right / our left).

The rest are also very nice.

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This girl is absolutely stunning. A natural beauty. These photos are 1,3,4, and 6
are stunning with #1 the winner for me.

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Cute! The studio shots work the best for me, but it looks like the processing is a bit inconsistent from one to the next.

Still, nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cute model. I like all of the shots, but #1 and #4 I love.

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I like every one of these - and thank you for sharing. I hope we see more in the near future.

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love #4 & #6

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All the pictures are really nice. I love the composition that you have set.

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#1 & #6 for me! All are good, but those are great!

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Great set.

#6 is really great

Jonathan Huynh
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Nice. # 1 and 4.

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Good work - cute girl. #4, 5 and 6 are my faves.

Jason Lang
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Naturally gorgeous model -- well done.

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Steadman's comments(Steady Hand) are well directed. My only "nit-pick" is that the top of many images are cut off not showing her full head/hair, the wall logo and others. While I understand skin tone and her natural color, the whiteness in the 1 image took my eye away from the pose. Maybe some more flesh tone?
All were distracting to me and took my eye away from the subject.
Yes the model is very lovely.