recommend 13x19 paper for Canon Pixma Pro 9500 mII?

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So I snagged a pretty good deal (about $250) on a new largish format printer. Never owned a Canon printer, but with the rebates floating around, there seem to be a lot available on auction sites, etc.

Anyone have any good recommendations for paper? B&W portraits and landscapes primarily. Maybe the occasional color portrait.

As always, appreciate your insight!

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I print with Epson - but friends say Canon's own papers are fantastic.

My new favorites for B&W are from Red River Paper here in Dallas. Their Polar Metallic is awesome if you like the highly reflective "metal" look that seems to be popular.

I am a big fan of their UltraPro Satin (luster) as well. I've not really tried any matte finish for B&W.

I think most paper companies will send you a sample pack. I've really enjoyed learning to print - the Red River site also has a great tips section that's independent of the paper used.

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There are millions of prior threads re: 'What paper'. It's a very personal/subjective choice. Some papers are better for certain images than others. There's gloss/satin/matte, cotton/pulp, textured/non, etc etc etc.

You're best off getting a sample pack or 2 and trying some interesting papers.

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For my 9500 II, I use Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II and Canon Pro Platinum Photo Paper 13 x 19" .

The Pro Platinum is a bit smoother and heavier and requires feeding from the rear; otherwise, the rollers may scratch the surface. I reserve this paper for very special prints as it costs twice as much as the Glossy II, which is very good in its own right.

Mr Joe
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Check out Canson papers. Their Platine Fibre Rag is beautiful.

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I'm sure there are endless choices and vast differences, but appreciate the starting point. Sounds like it's not a bad idea to try many types . . . thanks!

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Agree with others.. but do like Red River as well... they offer a sample pack for not too much $$ so you can try them and see what you like. I also use paper from Canon and InkPress... good luck with your selection and enjoy your new printer!~

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I use both Canon and Red River Papers. You might want to try RR's "Sample Pack". It has all their papers in it to try. If u r a NAPP member it is only $2 for the whole bunch.
Canon's Super GlossII and Pro Platinums work excellant on both my 9000 II and 9500 II....

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Ilford Gold Fibre Silk all the way, after trying many papers it is by far my favorite for the exact uses you describe, I also print on a 9500 II

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Canon's RC Photo Luster is a great paper for just about anything.

You've got some great (if pricey) suggestions so far, but if you're on a more restrictive budget, check out InkPress paper. Their metalic gloss really makes colors pop and both their warm and cool tone photo rags are of surprising quality for the relatively low cost.

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Learning what your doing with the printer, and learning how to adjust your workflow with that printer, will be more important than the paper choice. First match your monitor to your resultant print; next know how to adjust your post processing to get in the ball park of what you want - then worry about the better papers. Never had we had more charming flavors to choose from than we now have with inkjet papers. But the differences between papers will be smaller than the differences between your having a color-managed workflow and informed processing.

This may not be the answer you wanted, but those who print as a large part of their output will probably agree.

John Caldwell

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Ilford Pearl is supurb, nice for landscapes and wildife.

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Congrats on your new printer. I have one as well.

I think you should get some sample packs and try them. I have pretty much settled on Canon Pro Platinum and Ilford Pearl. They print well without much tweaking.