Sunset Cliffs Sunset

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Awesome shot. Love the foreground detail.

... you mentioned Stars. Did you post any of these yet?


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Gorgeous photo! Love the colors and the composition.

S Barth
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Beautiful image! You really controlled local contrast well. The brightness range looks very natural, not an easy feat in this sort of image. Excellent!


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Can't believe I missed this one!
Great shot! I love the beach & sand captured within the cliffs, opening up into the ocean. It reminds me of many drier places out here. Perhaps in 100,000,000 more years...

Picture This!
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that's a very nice image Jim. Well balanced compo and pleasing tones.

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Like it. Very nice Jim.


Fred Miranda
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Somehow I missed this one Jim. I'm glad someone brought it to the top.
It is beautifully balanced. Love the tones.

marty bober
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Nice shot. The colors work fine for this shot. Very harmonious....

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