Dancer by the window

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She was beautiful dancing or at rest.

Andre Labonte
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Now that is beautiful. Well done.

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Nice use of texture to highlight and isolate her in the shot. She is a beautiful woman and you did a great job of capturing her in a semi-environmental shot for a dancer.

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Great job. She must love this.

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Very nice.

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yep, this is beautiful and the texture really works for me. You did a great job balancing the outdoor light with the indoor shadows. The ends of the toe shoes are a question for me. On the one hand, I like they're worn and frayed. On the other, someone else might want them looking shiny and new, and a little cloning could go a long way to that end. For me, I like them exactly how they are, the fraying and spots add character.

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Great capture Rick, love the pensive mood of this capture!

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This is a beautiful portrait and I do like the texture to the left on the wall but I can't help thinking it is just not natural on the right side over the window and the window sill. Because it seems not natural to me it gets my attention and takes me away from your subject which is beautifully posed and well captured.