1D Mark III vs (possible) 7D MKII.


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Lars Johnsson wrote:
M Lucca wrote:
I'm gonna be a salmon today and say the 7d does pretty much everything a 1d3 could and a whole lot more. If you are fine with 10mp then the 1d3 might be worth a go. But the weight of 1d-series gets annoying after awhile.

There are plenty of threads comparing the 7d with a 1d3/4. Aside from some misplaced 1d-fetish romanticism, the 7d is highly capable camera that is just more versatile than a 1d3.

If you want to have the flexibility to shoot fast movers and then switch to hdslr or flash commanding then the 7d is the right choice.

You must be joking. The performance of a 7D is not even close to the 1D3/4. And you say the 7D can do pretty much everything the 1D3 can. Here are a few things it can't do, and the 1D3 is much better at.

AI servo tracking
10 fp/s
Two memory card slots
shutter durability
weather sealing
shutter lag
VF blackout
Focus screens changing (many different)
Viewfinder is much better
Battery capacity
Shooting in portrait orientation

lars nails it.

i tried the 7d on two different occasions only to sell it and keep the 1d3.

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I sold my 7D a year ago to fund my 1D mkIII and have not regretted it once, ever. 7D2? Don't do it! Maybe, just maybe for the 7D3...

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Uh oh where are the cheerleaders when the 7D needs them?? Don't you guys know you can't be critical of the 7D noise/performance on FM? Here comes imagemaster to defend the 7D with his bird photos in 3....2...1

Paul Mo
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Shutterbug2006 wrote:
Lars Johnsson wrote:
1D3 is a great camera. Forget the 7D2. We don't even know if such a camera will be released. If so it will take very long time until you can buy one.
Battery life is outstanding and I can very easy take between 3000-5000 photos with one battery.
Here are a lot of pics from Thailand with that camera http://www.pbase.com/larsjohnsson

Nice shots Lars. Very nice.

Yes, thanks Lars.

Pro body depreciation is amazing really. Now, where can I find an EOS-1N RS?

I have also been looking at other threads and the 1D IIn vs 1D III AF debates. Many hold the AF of the IIn, and the entire camera, in high regard.

A factor to consider, it would seem, is high ISO and no video (not a concern). I would think the 7D II would have better high ISO capabilties. But that might be a tragic presumption based on the current 7D.

Now for those with experience, do the 1D series AF drives - the motors - drive AF on super teles much better?

I remember using a 300 f2.8L on my ESO 50, and the 50 could hardly push all that glass around. So the AF units must be much, much stronger.