The Rufous


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Two great shots. Number 2 is my fav. A bit of reduction in the whites in the BG for it maybe.


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Gorgeous work Roberta! Love the second one.


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Birdie - sweet! I always love your BGs.

Wes N.

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Fantastic shots Birdie

Thank you Shreeni, much appreciated.

Gorgeous shots Birdie!

John, thank you so very much !

2 very nice shots Birdie. 2 has a slight edge for me for the greater dof. I tried to check the exif, but it has been stripped. Do you "save for web"? That removes the exif. If you use "save as", the exif should remain attached so that others can see the shot details. and maybe offer some additional tips ~ Ron

Hi Ron. I don't know what happened as I normally try and make sure the exif is intact. I was having problems with CS6 crashing and something happen to the exif when I restarted it.

Very very nice Roberta

Thank you so much Conrad. Glad you stopped by.

Birdie, I am so jealous!!! I love your sweet little orange guy and captures! Send him North

They'll be heading north soon enough Glad you like them .

Good looking birdies birdie! Well done.

Ken, thank you so very much !

Hummers still? Lucky you!

Are you removing the NR on the body with a brush? Looks like you missed a few spots?
#2 is looking nice, any thoughts on a little reduction on the BG brightness on this one?


Hi Karl ! I use the selection tool and did noise reduction on the body. Some places the noise was quite a lot. I must have missed a few spots. So glad you have good eyes
As to the brightness in the last shot, now I am thinking about reducing it . So glad you guys are watching out for me !


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Fine shots Birdie, certainly worthy of posting here and not being left 'hanging around'

Charlie Shugart
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Both are excellent, Birdie.
Because of the better background, though, my favorite is the first.

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Beautiful shots Birdie. The Rufous is one of the prettiest hummers. Both shots have great detail, colors and I love the fluffed up pose of #1. The DOF on 2 really makes this one pop.

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A touch more DOF for the first would be nice, the second is super Roberta