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I'm looking to upgrade to a newer camera and was looking at the eos rebel t3 and was wondering if it was any good?

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What are your goals for/with a new camera?

What do you currently have?
What glass do you have/want/need?

What kind of things do you shoot that make the which features more/less important?

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Not familiar much with either camera ... but likely not a lot of pro's using either.

You might try the Canon Forum for better response.

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My new camera for this year is a H4D 60, I finally got this after using a H3D 31 for a year or so then trading for a H4D 40 and using that for two years.

I am really looking forward to the files from the new cam, and hope that they are all that I expect.

Regardless, I know that one is none and two is one so I am set for the new year.

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I have a digital dos rebel that is probably 4 years old that I bought off of ebay and it was great for when I first started out but have come to find it very slow when i want to take multiple pictures at a time.

I would also like something that takes video.

Also I am kind of a fan of the rebel series and have multiple lenses for the rebel. I was told that when upgrading to better camera that you run into needing more higher end lenses which cost an arm and a leg. So sticking with the rebel would potentially keep the prices of the lenses somewhat down.