Elephant......Seals that is.

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Taken on South Georgia and the Falklands during birthing and mating season.

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A neat set Doug ~ Ron

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Great action recorded here....LIKE

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Great action in these captures Don...must have been an awesome trip...like em' all with 2 & 4 my favorites....looking forward to shooting with you here in SWF....

Jude Perera
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Nicely captured. My favorite is the 1st one.


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Super set Don! That must have been quite an experience.

Ted ellis
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Fantastic Don!

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Excellent images Don. The bird beast interaction is quite neat.

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KCollett wrote:
Excellent images Don. The bird beast interaction is quite neat.

Thanks Ken. It was quite interesting to watch the bird persist. The big guy would wake up and snort or shake and then fall back asleep, at which time the bird was right back at his meal! Don

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Wonderful set. Really like the last 2 shots.


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These are fun and interesting to see, Don. Looks like you were close maybe uncomfortably close?) to these huge critters. The action when the males go after each other must be pretty impressive.

Tim Kuhn
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Not the prettiest of animals now are they Thanks for sharing shots of something we don't often see around here Don.


Rob Tillyer
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Awesome stuff Don, ugly animals.


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Excellent set, Don. You got some great action and behavioral captures. What an experience must have been!
Thanks for sharing these

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These southern elephant seals look different than the northern elephant seals we have in California. The southern cousins look better fed and less beat-up. Thanks for sharing!

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Wonderful captures. Good work throughout.

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While I have never seen an elephant seal in person I have a very long and somewhat funny reason for liking these remarkable looking animals...one day I'll share the story...
What is lurking off shore to take advantage of the blubbery meals?
The skua looking for some protein and the gull being a bit of a vampire are fascinating shots!
This looks like it was a pretty special adventure Don...keep us posted

Older Fossil
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Great stuff!

#1 really makes me think of an old guy without his dentures.


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Nice set Don, great to see these beasts! Paul.

David Leask
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Cool set Don. Thanks for sharing

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