MA 103 winner: Foggy14

Fred Miranda
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Congratulations to Foggy14 for winning MA 103!

Thanks to all of the FM members who participated in submitting photos
during this assignment on Old Technology.

You have chosen the winners based on your votes. The top five photos displayed below, will also be showcased on our Winners Gallery.

1st place · Foggy14 with 27 votes
Western Electric 300B

2nd place · CPWarner with 20 votes
Old Engineering Tools

3rd place · shortpballer with 17 votes
OldNew Technology

4th place · rotorwash4944 with 12 votes
Look it up WHERE?

5th place · Rick Joyce with 12 votes
The Machinery Shed

leighton w
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Congratulations to all! Just wonderful images.

Aaron D
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Oh man! Wish I would have seen this assignment! I had the perfect candidate. It would have been my old RCA 16mm projector that has tubes visible. I really need to get back to checking the MA's and WA's again.

Nice job everyone. Great shots! Congrats Foggy!

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I love DHT Triode tubes! Awesome idea.

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Thanks Fred, Leighton, Aaron and PL!

Congrats CP, Eric, Frank and Rick. Great photographs!