Winter watchdogs

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My little warrior Anna hummingbirds never cease to amaze me with their ever watchful vigil around the feeders.

Though Mrs Anna is seen here in the 1st photo catching a quick yesterday aftyernoon.

Not much light here with grey skies and rain, so ISO up a bit on these shots.

Hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful Christmas ......... All the best for 2013


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Must be nice to have hummers in winter :-) .. Just lovely! Now I am craving Spring

Tim Kuhn
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I like the last one the best of the bunch Lucky. I hear you about the weather!


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A nice set Lucky. It's 3 for me too ~ Ron

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#3 for me. Nice set.

Jonathan Huynh
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# 3

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#3 really shows off the colors, nicely done!

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The last is my pick


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#3 for me also Lucky