BEST of 2012 Landscape Image

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What a cool thread! So many wonderful pictures!
It's very hard to choose "Best of 2012", so I just picked the one I enjoyed taking the most:

Ben Podolak
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The one best is a really hard call this year. I did not shoot a lot, but I did what I could to make it count. I think it comes done to this image or one with aurora over Split Rock lighthouse under a full moon.

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I keep getting drawn back to this one from Zion where the rising moon began to light up the scene but had not yet obliterated the sky.

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These are all spectacular !
Keep it up!

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A ton of pretty fantastic shots in this thread. I'll toss in my humble submission.

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Man this thread is good, lots of inspiration. Here is one of my favorites from the year, taken in Kokadjo ME at sunrise.

Jason Lang
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From North Alabama...

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Most humbling thread on FM

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As others have said, a very humbling thread. My sincere hope is that I am better than last year!

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I wouldn't even begin to compare what I do with what I've seen here, but this is one of my better ones. Taken in Beaver, Arkansas in October,


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Seeing so many awesome posts inspired me to share this one taken in November - The Wave entrance.

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Some stunning work on here, very inspiring.

One of my favourites from my home in Ireland, one of the last days of summer -

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Gorum_121103_0230_1_2_tonemapped by bgorum, on Flickr
A location usually noted for its wildlife rather than its landscapes. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, early November.

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Maui - December 2012

Serengheti - September 2012

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Most humbling thread. I was only able to take one trip this year out to Grand Teton and Yellowstone; that was also my first major photo trip, I'm 17 and I've been shooting since I was 12, but I've just recently began my journey into the realm of DSLRs. Here is my humble submission.

this one is of Old Faithful

This is one of the sun rising onto the Tetons

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Not sure this even belongs here among so many great submissions.

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Alstrom Point, Lake Powell

Technically not a single shot. Its a 48 image multi row stitch.
Canon 5D
Gigapan Epic Pro
1/4s,f/13, 68mm, iso100
Stitched in Photoshop CS5

The resolution is huge and it can be printed very large.
I have been printing it at 30x60 as a 3 panel Triptych, both in Gallery wrap Canvas
an Dye sublimation on aluminum. It has been very popular at the art shows I do.

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