BEST of 2012 Landscape Image

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If I must narrow it down to one, this is my favorite....Raven Tree Falls.

Nice stuff guys!!!


Lee Wiren
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Nice shot Roman... is that Oregon Coast? It looks like an area where i've been and this shot makes me want to re-visit it!

Great shots everybody!!

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2012 was bad year for me in terms of photography, mainly because I was busy with so much other stuff.

7156659936_65296bc31c_b by HSung, on Flickr

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Teeny Tiny Updraft, taken in June 14th in Phelps County, Nebraska. Pentax K-5 with a Sigma 28mm f/1.8 EX DG Aspherical Macro

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Sea Ranch:

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Awesome, Awesome work here... Here is one of my favorites from this year... Lago di Auronzo, Italy

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jph1 wrote:
Sea Ranch:

Hey - Nice SR shot! My favorite getaway spot.


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My favourite from 2012 - Cox Bay, Tofino BC

gordon l
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May I submit my best picture. If you close one eye when you look at this one, you can then use your other eye to look at my next one (and thus I don't exceed the 1-best-picture limit). --Gordon

For your right eye: Maui

For your left eye: White Pocket

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The images in this thread are amazing.

Here is my humble addition. Photographed on 8/15/12 in Page, Arizona.

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I don't do much landscape photography but this is one of my favorites from 2012

stars rising over Lake Erie on a December night.....
al freeman

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These are always inspiring and humbling. Nevertheless - here is my contribution.
Summer lupines, sunrise with the White Mountains (NH) in background.

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One of my favorites from our hiking trip in Switzerland.

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Some excellent work in here. I think this is probably my favorite from this year. Glacier Bay National Park in May:

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From a trip to Glacier National Park in July
The highlight of a great trip was driving to the summit of Going to the Sun Road and hiking up to the end of the trail as the sun was setting
When we got to the end of the trail we saw these guys and wondered what they were admiring off in the distance

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Spectacular thread! This is as good as I can get this year. Looking forward to the next

Punchbowl Falls

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Ormitson Gorge, West Mac Donald Ranges, NT, Australia by Mohammed Abidally, on Flickr

Jim Bau
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This is always my favorite thread of the year! Some SPECTACULAR shots in here folks! Here's wishing you Golden Light in 2013!

Here's my humble contribution from my first trip ever to Yosemite. Somewhat of an icon.

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Some really midblowing stuff here, totaly amazing.
Here is my humble attemt from 2012.

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It's so hard to choose, but probably this one.

h_12_17 by initialtofu90, on Flickr

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