BEST of 2012 Landscape Image

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Some crazy good stuff in this thread!

My humble contribution:

Harry C

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Wow beautiful shots!!!

Garrick L
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Had a wonderful trip to YSNP and GTNP's and got some good captures of the iconic scenes, but I especially liked the mood in this B&W.


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This is one of my favorites in 2012.

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Wow, we have some really awesome shots being posted in here. I have been looking through some of mine from this year, I don't know about you guys, but man, it's hard to pick one out. I have lot's that I like for different reasons. This one I will say stood out because it was a shot I had in mind for several years and I finally was able to capture the Redwoods with the Rhodies with some fog... I hope the photo matches my joy in finally capturing this scene.


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lovely shot Jim.

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JIm, nothing like a driving persistent vision to spur you on
An exceptional replication of forest beauty.

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From Rickett's Glen State Park in Pennsylvania this fall. This one made the cover of my yearly calendar I make from my images. Guess that is a good enough measure of what my favorite is...

Julian Nell
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Every singel photograph in this thread is remarkable! Incredible work everyone.


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New here and anxious to learn, such beautiful images all.

Older Fossil
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Wow! some good work in this thread. Not to the level of most of the work here, but this image of Denali is one of my favorites from 2012.


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Laguna de los Tres by Lukas Wenger Photography, on Flickr

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Here is my 2012 best. Taken last April from the Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley.


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Hard to pick one (guess that's a good thing!). Here's my contribution to a very inspiring thread.

Hope you all have a good holiday season!


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Wow some fantastic stuff in this thread, as expected

Hard to pick one shot out of a year but I've been after a great lightning shot for ages, this year I got two wit this one being the most spectacular.

I'd chased the storm right across the city, been out on the hills exposed, on the beach, soaked. Shot this from home whilst I sorted out some washing.

A Storm Passes (redit) by robjdickinson, on Flickr

Tri Tran
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wow, amazing shots guys. Best wishes to another productive year in 2013.

Bryce Canyon 44 by Anh Tri, on Flickr

Eli Pasquali
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Didn't do as much photography this year as I had wanted to, but here is one I already posted somewhere on this site... My brother and I were hiking through the Bugaboos in Southern BC... The big pointy one is Pigeon

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Thanks to everybody for sharing such inspiring work so much amazing stuff !
Here is one of my favorites from 2012... From Huangshan , China

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Some amazing work posted in this thread, wow.

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