BEST of 2012 Landscape Image

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This was about 6.30am on January 1st....what a great start to the year! We had 2 more trips to the USA this year on our National Park Quest (so far 47 of the 58) and I'm really happy with my images from the USA and locally all through the year this year, but this definitely remains the most memorable "experience" of the was very cold (soon to be close to 100degrees that day!) but crystal clear and I had it all to myself.
cheers Andrew

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Castle Mountain, Banff NP

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Country: United States the flipmode to's one that's garnered a lot of attention lately

Thanks for everything FM!

Killer work from so many!



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A rainy day last January, Painted Hills, Oregon

Good Work Everyone, Keep them coming...

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It's been so long since I've posted anything I hope this works. I didn't get out much at all this year, but I like this one.


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Tunnel View Yosemite

Happy end of 2012 everyone, cheers to 2013!

Tunnel View by Jason Chong's Photography, on Flickr


Ben Horne
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My favorite from this year was shot in the White Mountains of California.

"Soul of the Ancients"

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Burney Falls with some autumn color along the river.

Lee Wiren
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Thor's Well, Oregon Coast - August

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I suppose my favorite from 2012 would be this sunrise in the Dolomites that I shot in July:

Lasse Eriksson
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Outstanding photos in this thread

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Buffelsbaai in South Africa during the very short sunset.


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This was one of the best of the trip and not representative of the weather I had to endure most of the time (Rain and 40's) but it cleared just enough for this amazing landscape to light up!

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There's a few days left to go but I don't think I'll get any better than this before then.


Dirk Juergensen
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Beautiful stuff in this thread!

Here is my 2012 favourite - a world apart.

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Mine would have to include the aurora since I spent months researching on the right techniques to shoot and hunt it. This one the simplest one i got from a trip to Iceland but I prefer it vs the more extreme ones I took.

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Last week at Canyonlands.
I don't know if the world needs another one of these but it was fun to be there.

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Although I made several nice shots on my USA trip this year in N-CA, W-OR en W-WA
I'm gonna post this picture I made in my backyard (Flanders, Belgium)

This year I started doing blends and this one came out well
and I like it because I hadn't planned that shot at all

Henry W
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Lots of great work here.

This subject makes me realize how little I've been out shooting. It also sets the scene for a New Year's Resolution to get out and get shooting more.

This is hand blend of 2 photos at sunset at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetary just 2 or 3 miles from my home.

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