BEST of 2012 Landscape Image

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It's that time of year again!
Time to post your ONE BEST image from the calendar year 2012.

I'll start...

(Sorry, I had time to review and just changed)

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Hey Craig, hmmm... I guess it is about that time huh? Only 16 more days left in the year! That is a very cool shot for you to have as your best... you had some really good shots this last year, but that one is definitely among your best I would say.

Now... I have to start trying to figure out which for me to pick of my own... hmmm


Richard Booth
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I've been waiting for this. I'll get the popcorn and beer. There is a tremendous amount of talent on this forum.


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Great idea for a thread. I seem to get stuck on this one.


Dustin Gent
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I didn't shoot very much this year - and most of this year was shot with film. So with that said, here is my favorite from this year. My buddy spent like an hour shooting this, I took 3 shots and think I did ok Nikon F5 + Fuji Reala

Julian Nell
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Four beautiful images.


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This is the annual post where I realize I have a long way to go to catch up to the talent on this board. Here is a recent one that I started liking after I played around with it in post. Awesome images so far and Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


David Patterson
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Always one of my favorite threads. There is so much to be learned from the talented people on this forum. Thanks for all the support over the years. Here's one from earlier in the year. Portland Head Light in Maine before dawn after a snow shower with the wind howling:


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Beautiful stuff here so far. I didn't get out this year much at all but had one night out in the San Juan Islands watching the Perseids and had a chance to take a couple of photos, some of my first night exposures.


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Great postings so far....

I had a somewhat limited year in landscape image-making but I do like this one. Along the road between Escalante and Boulder, Utah, 8-2012.

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I think I'd go with this one, both because it is a departure from my usual busy images, and because of the experience of things coming together through a combination of luck and late-night planning for where to be for the sunrise.


Dustin Gent
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Really nice stuff here guys!

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From an inspired trip to Yosemite. I have both film & digital of this scene, but this one wins.


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The golden sunsets across the sound are so amazing!

Mitchell Derr
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All of you are a true inspiration to me. It has been a hectic year, but seeing all of the wonderful images on here makes it all a little better. Thanks for all your help. Many of you have reached out to me directly to offer a lot of guidance. Happy 2012 and looking forward to next year's images.


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The largest geomagnetic storm I've ever encountered, above arctic Alaska this year. Best wishes to all for 2013.


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After a Summer of shooting IR, this was one of my favorites. No competition to the others posted here, but still one of my favorites. Thanks for all the feedback and assistance over 2012.


Fred Miranda
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Wow! I will definitely post this thread on the front page of the site.
Here is one of my favorites I took in 2012

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Awesome work, Fred! Thanks for the front page....

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