More creatures of the night

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Sleepy little froggy...well, not so little actually. Bigger than my camera sensor size of 22.2 mm for sure for it wouldn't fit into the frame at the MP-E65's minimum magnification of 1:1. Polypedates leucomystax? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

IMG_3495 merged1 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

Earwig on a tree trunk that was bustling with night activities!

IMG_3403 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

Hyberis cf. araneiformis (Zopheridae):

IMG_3402 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

orb weaver

IMG_3739 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

IMG_3733 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

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cool species and captures kurt.

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Wonderful series Kurt - wouldn't guess they were night shots
Brian v.

michael kilner
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lovely set esp like the last shot

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nicely done Kurt