Dutch winter scenes

Ron van Elst
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We had our first snow this winter. Since we don't have that too many in our country i headed out to capture the beauty of having a white world. Started early for some nightsky shots, but was unpleasantly surprised with fog so i waited out untill sunrise.

1. First light before sunrise

2.Lonely birch

3. Solitude

4. "Framed"..

Hope you enjoy!

C&C appreciated. Thanks!


Ron van Elst
The Netherlands, Europe.

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#2 and #3 are amazing!!!

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I really enjoy these. Very cleverly done, all of them.

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You did an excellent job of framing shot number 4.


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Hey Ron,

#2 is my favorite here, very nice winter shot. #4 now, you really worked that framing in that one, good job.


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#2 is very nice, and I also like the framing of the sheep by the fence in #4.