I'm lost, where is 'Bosque'....(1)

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Hey what a great opportunity, very cool and very happy for you there in Bosque del Ohio.

I really like the BG, and also the "strange morning gloom" seems to add a wonderful bluish cast accenting the lovely grays in this Sandie.
The BB fill light looks perfect to me, and with your PP skillz the reflection in the eye is easily fixed. (Fantastic job cloning out the Stilt in my Ibis image)
Certainly a different perspective than we're used to seeing and I like it a lot Karl.


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Very nice shot Karl, especially as I don't think you had quite the light to play with that those shots from Bolsa always seem to have though.


Charlie Shugart
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A truly magnificent image, Karl.
And the background really does complement the crane.
I'm probably being a bit silly- but I find the ultra-sharp band of grass distracting.
Would throwing it oof to match the grass in front of it and behind it improve the image?
Just $.02 worth .

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