Cryptic hopper, caterpillar etc

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IMG_3543 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

A cryptic Eurybrachyidae planthopper, genus: Thessitus, on a tree trunk.

IMG_3614 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

IMG_3615 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

IMG_3622 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

Mating pair of moths

IMG_3606 stk copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

Genus - Ectatops, Family - (Pyrrhocoridae).

IMG_3086 copy by Kurt /, on Flickr

Jonathan Huynh
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Very nice series.

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Lovely series Kurt
Brian v.

michael kilner
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great variety kurt.

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Incredible camouflage on the planthoppers. I'm not sure I would have noticed them in the wild.

A very interesting and enjoyable series, well-photographed.

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Lovely imagery, long antennae on that Weevil?

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great stuff Kurt