beautiful people of Kenya

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I captured these colorful images from my last trip 2 months ago

Steady Hand
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I enjoyed seeing these photos. Thanks for sharing them here.

I hope you post more.

Jim Rickards
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Very nice! Love those colours and smiles.

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Really enjoyed these....Thanks for posting

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Charming photos, nicely done.

Charlie Shugart
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I love these!
And I agree that they are a beautiful people.
What a wonderful experience you must have had.
What tribe are these people?
I was in Kenya about 20 or so years ago and visited a Maasai village. It's hard to tell differences and similarities between then and now, but two things really stand out- that boy wearing a Tee shirt with short pants, and the men wearing shoes.
When I was there I saw no concession to western influences at all- except the women had beaded necklaces and nobody was naked.
Everyone was barefoot when I visited. That has apparently changed.

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Thank you all friends for looking.
BTW, Charlie about shoes: people from the big town Nairobi making money by turning=cutting old tires into "shoes" and selling their shoes to villagers.

Jonathan Huynh
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Excellence images.
I really enjoy seeing these " Documentation photograph "

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Very nice. I'll be looking for more.

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would love to see more. Very informative.

Chris Fawkes
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They are beautiful people. How gorgeous is the smile on that girl in the first and last images in particular.

Great work

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Thank you all for looking. it was a glorious trip.
BTW, the star of the show was the girl you all see here.
She happened to be right in front of me right in the beginning. so I started following her around and within seconds, other guys noticed "my girl"---you know guys---and she smiled even prettier.