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From an October shoot in downtown Lafayette, LA

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Just a little hot and oversaturated for me. Good looking model and I like the pose here.

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Love that yellow with the blue, one of my fav color combos...

Jim Rickards
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Welcome to the forum! Glad you could join us.

Nice start with this one. Strong colours and an interesting expression.

A minor nit - the chin shadow is quite pronounced.

One of the rules on the forum is - one post per day. Don't worry, you are far from being the first to miss that rule. It's posted on the top left of this page. I wouldn't worry about it this time, just note it for next time. You can, however, post several photos in one post if you care to next time.

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^Douglas said it. IMHO it would be slightly better without the +0.3 EV compensation. Great model, eyes, hair, colours, etc. If you want some nitpicking, I would remove the leather element below her right elbow, for some reason my eyes go there (maybe because it is darker than most of the other tones in the photo). Just my 0.02, good job.

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Very good shot and love the color!

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love the color. but to be honest I think the contrast between the sharpness of the eyes and softness of her skin a bit too much for me.

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A beauty and colors are great but PP seems slightly overcooked.

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I like the pp, my only comment is that it appears she has a cross neck-less on that the cross is hung up in the chain.