x100 pouch

lou f
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carrying mine around in a lens wrap for the last 18 months anyone managed to stuff an x100 with the hood adapter (not the hood) into a large crumpler tuft pouch or recommend something else?


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I have mine in a National Geographic A1212. Fits perfectly with the adapter and a filter on. There's a small front pocket which holds a spare battery and card.. It has a shoulder strap, but I use it with the belt loop. Amazon.com has a photo with the X100 in.

lou f
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yea saw that one, looking for something more minimalist no strap, pockets and little padding preferably with a zip....

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This is what my X100 lives in:


I really like it. It's the perfect size, and I can fit extra memory cards and a spare battery in the side pockets.


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I have the OEM leather case. My X100 usually wears only the "back part" of the case, as the front part of the case won't fit over the hood. It wears the back case and original push on lens cap about half the time, back case and OEM hood (no cap, no filter) about forty percent, and full case about 10 %, while it's packed in a bag for travel. I use my X100 a lot, and it's usually in an outer (small) pocket on a backpack, or hanging around my neck.

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I'm using this right now:


I use the adapter ring / filter and it fits fine.


That it goes onto a belt.

Don't Like:

Not crazy about how it goes on a belt (too much velcro).

The handle on top is way too small.

Would love to find something better...