Varsity Mens / Womens Volleyball

dj dunzie
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I hate posting my volleyball stuff around here, partly because there are some great v-ball shooters on FM, but also because I'm never happy with the colors I get in the barn the College I shoot for has. The roof is screaming orangey-red, and the place is too dark to shoot ambient with any consistency even at ISO25600, so the strobes make getting a decent WB damn-near impossible. Would love your feedback on how these come off after fiddling for hours with trying to minimize the red cast. The floors are hideous too, but I'll stop whining now.

Some recent womens action, trying to vary up the shooting location and angels a little:

(1) and (2)... a couple artsy ones, if I can use that term?

(3) and (4) Low-angle shots

(5) I liked the intensity in the eyes

(6) Split the uprights

(7) Liked the capture for some reason

(8) Pancake... from up in the catwalk

(9) Slam

(10) Another one I'm not sure about but liked the team in the BG and the expression

(11) Boring shot? I dunno, liked the isolation I guess.

And a few from the mens game:

(12) Low-angle dig

(13) On the D

(14) And on the attack

(15) Don't make me bump this thread...

As I said, feedback welcomed and taken to heart. Thanks for the look!

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Feedback sent via PM

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I like 7, 12, and 13 best.

I actually kinda like 7 except, the ball is obviously out of bounds (outside the antenna).

dj dunzie
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Geoff... Appreciate the look and comments. Jay, thanks for the very detailed feedback... Cheers!

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I am an absolute failure at shooting VB but #4 #5 and # 10 stand out for me here, a very tough sport to cover for me

dj dunzie
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Mike, for YOU to be a failure at any type of sports shooting, the rest of us may as well hang it up now! But I do appreciate the look and the comments. VB sure doesn't come naturally to me either, and especially in this barn which is impossible to shoot ambient, and strobing with the red ceiling and upper walls is no peach either.

Gerry Szarek
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Good afternoon DJ, your shots are significantly better than mine. I have been standing/sitting by the net, obviously you haven't been. So where do I position my carcass? Currently shooting a 7D with 70-200F4 at ISO 12,500 which gives me between 1/500 and 1/2000 in the typical gyms around here. FWIW I am shooting 17 and under age groups.

I have given up on the white balance and just shoot AWB (this has been tough since in hockey I like to get it perfect). I love 4 and 9 except for the back grounds which you are stuck with.


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Nice set dj,maybe crop #4 real tight to see how it looks,just a thought.

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Brutal lighting the catwalk vantage, but not sure about #8 - do like #9 a lot in comparison.


dj dunzie
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Hi Gerry, been too long since I've heard from you around FM. Thanks a lot for the feedback, very much appreciated. This is a fairly older thread now but always welcome the C&C with sports I haven't spent as much time with. As you can see here, I'm also not sure exactly where the best spot to shoot from is, but with the ugly floor and ceiling here, I try to shuffle around a lot, up and down. Good to hear from you.

Glenn and Chris, many thanks for the thoughts... much appreciated!