Your best shot of 2012

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[url=mailto:]rrxjon wrote:
Strictly a personal favorite.

Great shot! It's cropped just a hair too close IMHO, but great timing!

I get it. And thanks, Joe. The print has more headroom & uniform, but for web size, the face tells the story.

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first and only time so far that I've tried photographing motorsport s

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Terrific shots - really enjoyed this thread. Paul

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Well here is mine from recent. I was finally just the right place at the right time.

Awesome shots in here. It would be scary if all of the folks here got together to shoot a weekend event. THAT would be crazy fun and cool to see the results!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Chris Gouge
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Hi everyone,

A few nice shots here, I'm used to just looking at motor sport forums so it's interesting to see some images from a range of different sports here. Mine would probably be:

1208_Lotusfest_206 by Chris Gouge, on Flickr

Carl Auer
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I have shot so much in the 6 months I have been here in the Denver area than I have over the last 9 years in Alaska it is hard to pick, let alone go through everything. I have shot something like 6 mls games, 4 NCAA football games, 2 NCAA hoops games, 2 hs tennis matches, 17 hs football games, 1 hs cross country meet, 7 hs soccer games, 3 softball games, 12 HS basketball games, and one wrestling meet, and I still have like 10 hoops games and a couple wrestling meets before the end of the year.... but of all the shots I took, I like this one because SI picked it up for their soccer site.

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This is my fave.

I have not signed up to post a photo yet.

Hope you like it anyway.

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My favorite paintball photo of the year..

MWXL 5 by CHRIS.LOH, on Flickr

The one that got the most response.

MWXL 3 by CHRIS.LOH, on Flickr

Ted ellis
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Many fine shots. I enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing and the best to you all in the coming year.


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Oscar Boniek Garcia of the Houston Dynamo sprints for the sideline after scoring the game winning goal against DC United in the 2012 MLS Eastern Conference Final

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off the wall

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dpg109 wrote:
off the wall


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a new one from this weekend

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Hey Guys
Just found this great forum and am happy I did. As many of you in here, I am a big hockey shooter, and so far this is probably my best shot of 2012.

This was a game winning goal in a shootout in the championship game of a tournament. You should see the ones right after this!

Thanks for allowing me to share!

Happy Holidays


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Did a late afternoon helo shoot at Lake of the Ozarks during the Shootout in August.
Turned out to be the most productive hour of my year- the low sun did some very cool things to the roostertails.

Really enjoyable thread here- you peeples got skillz.

don mash
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So many awesome shots.

Personal fav here.

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I should have waited to post.......3 days before the end of 2012 and I got my best shot EVER!!!!

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Hard to choose one, of course, but I guess if I had to I'd go with this one, just because it makes me chuckle...

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